World Trade Center Subway Station Opens This Saturday

Destroyed in the 9/11 attacks, the Cortlandt Street 1 train subway station at the World Trade Center will finally reopen this Saturday, according to the guards I spoke with today. (“We’re close to the finish line and we expect to announce a date soon,” was all an Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesperson would say, but the guards were emphatic, so I’m going with it.) I would assume this includes the entrances on the 9/11 Memorial plaza, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll be away on Saturday, so please report back…. P.S. There was recent conjecture that the station would be dropping the Cortlandt Street name in favor of World Trade Center.

UPDATE: “Passed through it on the 1 train today and the construction sheets are down,” tweeted Elizabeth Ginsburg (along with the video below). “As for the station name, the columns say WTC/Cortlandt St.”

UPDATE 9/7: “The MTA announced today [Friday] that the new subway stop, dubbed WTC Cortlandt, will open to the public at noon on Saturday, September 8, just three days before the 9/11 anniversary.” —Curbed



  1. This is horrible journalism! If you are not certain, it’s just hear say till proven the contrary so you cannot write a headline saying that it will open on Saturday. Write “it may open on Saturday”. We don’t write about we’re not sure! I studied journalism at college and that’s not how it’s done!

    • This is a free COMMUNITY BLOG not a national or even local newspaper. It’s largely, if not entirely(?) written and managed by one person who the downtown community owes a debt of gratitude for creating such an invaluable source of local updates.

      Those of us who actually understand what it is and how it hugely benefits all of us by keeping us informed about our community to whatever degree of accuracy is possible at all times, like it just fine AS IT IS. If you don’t, move along with your “I studied journalism” expertise and scour the neighborhood yourself for updates that you can then “report” via your Facebook and Instagram, which you undoubtedly also consider news sources.

      • Erik is our leader and he is perfect and I will not tolerate criticism of the man who brings us our precious Tribeca Citizen. So poop to you, negative mean person.

  2. I talked to a worker today and he also said Saturday is the day. I know that the MTA wanted it to open by 9/11.