Seen & Heard: Inside the New World Trade Center Subway Station

••• The reader known as Hudson River visited the BNY Mellon lobby yesterday evening: “Stopped in last night with a friend. Workers exiting the building as we were entering asked, ‘Do you work here?’ like everybody on staff acts thinks they’re security. Guard at entrance said it was closed to public, then said it closed at whatever time, a couple hours ago. Flashed the Tribeca Citizen article on my phone at him, said I wanted to speak to his supervisor, who came and said it was ok. So we looked around a bit. Here’s the outrage: pre-9/11 and subsequent remodeling, that lobby ran all the way through the building north/south. It was most useful to the public as a passageway in bad weather. They have changed the layout during the remodeling so that their id-required turnstiles are in the middle, and the public can’t use the middle or north end of the lobby. So the public is now allowed in, but only to access 1/3 of the space that was negotiated in the original agreement. There is no ‘street-level pedestrian easement through its lobby from Barclay to Murray Streets.'” (Another reader, Old as Dirt, disagreed about the north-south passageway, but Hudson River insists it was so.)

••• Elizabeth Ginsburg tweeted about the World Trade Center 1 train station opening on Saturday: “Passed through it on the 1 train today and the construction sheets are down. As for the station name, the columns say WTC/Cortlandt St.” Watch her video below.

••• Chef Paul Liebrandt will extend his stay at Racines through the end of the year. Below: “Crisp beautiful melons and a touch of white corn.”

••• It’s hard to tell from this photo, but the concrete curtain wall is done on much of the bottom half of 30 Warren.

••• Seven solo shows open tonight at Soho Photo, including Alexander Krohmer‘s The Meadowlands: “Now filled with massive amounts of trash, the Meadowlands of New Jersey are a large area of tidal swampland, which was divided by railroads and highways. Factories, power plants and airports were built, polluting the eco system to toxic levels. Nevertheless, big patches of swampland remain, and still coexist with the industries and highways. This landscape provides a condensed view of the battle between the dominance of human landscaping and the resilience of nature.”

••• Opening tonight at Sapar Contemporary: “A solo show by Marela Zacarias titled A Street of Many Corners that includes the artist’s signature sculptural wall pieces, a free-standing sculptural video piece incorporating the 1999 Tim Robbins-directed film Cradle Will Rock about a group of actors uniting against censorship at the height of the Great Depression; as well as a wealth of research material related to early abstract painting in New York and other influences in her work.”

••• Burger N Grill got closed by the Health Department, but the restaurant would seem to be working on it.


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  1. I don’t know much about architecture and construction but found it interesting to see that 30 warren had the interior? walls up before the exterior. Every other building I’ve seen would always have a frame, and then the exterior facade and windows up before any actual walls were put up.