Seen & Heard: Kiddie Academy Opening Forecast

••• Good stuff from Distilled‘s John Goulette and Citymeals on Wheels.

••• “Finally almost able to walk on the sidewalk at 111 Murray,” says G. “Saw this through the scaffolding and thought you’d find this photo funny.” Am I that easy to peg? “We also thought this was a pretty cool sign. Same corner.”

••• OneRepublic shot a video at the World Trade Center Oculus. It starts out at Voyager Espresso, which I didn’t even know existed (but am excited to check out). It’s on the lower level of 110 William.

••• According to a Washington Market Park email, Kiddie Academy is opening in late fall.

••• The 30-story building at 537 Greenwich (a.k.a 110 Charlton or “Greenwich West”) is coming along.

••• The former Don Hill’s space at 511 Greenwich—the only place I’ve ever slam-danced, so far—was getting cleaned the other day, and then Mrs. M saw a party happening there Friday night. My guess is that this was a Fashion Week one-off; if anyone knows otherwise, do tell.



  1. Good sightings G!

  2. OneRepublic at WTC? Why? I work downtown and every block has construction where you hear everything except English. They’re definitely not union but wear hardhats with union stickers.

  3. Yes, Don Hill’s was the setting for Rochameau’s fashion week party last Friday night. Such a legendary spot!