Dirty Lemon’s “Drug Store” Has Opened

Beverage company Dirty Lemon‘s Drug Store at 293 Church has opened, says the New York Times, and it has a gimmick: “Anyone can walk in, grab a $10.83 activated-charcoal drink and leave. But the beverages, typically sold online by the case by Dirty Lemon, a start-up that runs the store, are not free. Dirty Lemon has made a bet that customers will pay the same way they order its pricey lemon-flavored drinks for home delivery: by sending the company a text message. In the store, customers are expected to text Dirty Lemon to say they have grabbed something. A representative will then text back with a link to enter their credit card information, adding, ‘Let us know if you need anything else.'”



  1. Citizen App shows students injured by escalator malfunction in Stuyvesant HS today.

  2. Sorry Dirty Lemon I take my beverages purchased through human hands.