Max Is Moving to W. Broadway

Max restaurant, which has spent 12 of its 19 years in Tribeca, is moving from 181 Duane to 134 W. Broadway, most recently site of The Bennett (and before that, Petite Abeille). The new space is more or less the same size, but with a much larger storefront and copious outdoor seating, something Max was never able to achieve on Duane, much to co-owner Luigi Iasilli’s chagrin. Iasilli and his wife, Lindita Paloka, are hoping to open in a few months.

Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with 181 Duane. It sure would make a nice little bar….



  1. Got a letter in the mail from Walgreens that the Duane Reade on 111 Worth is closing today 9/13 and tell customers to visit the one on 305 Broadway. I haven’t visited the 111 Worth to verify the closing.

  2. Always enjoyed Max on Duane. Consistently decent food, nice service, best priced Italian in the area.

    Layout was always a little awkward and at times cramped, not cozy (that makeshift seating next to do the door in the front was the worst). Even if the square footage is the same, I hope its better laid out going forward.

    I agree that the old space would be great for a bar, and hopefully serve more than 2 drafts on tap.

  3. i always loved max as well but they are so damn rude and obnoxious. I used to order deliver and cut them off due to charging me for utensils and bread…Are you kidding me….Screw you. For these prices its not acceptable… Its too bad as the food is pretty good and the space with nice. Until i get an apology I will never give them a dollar of my money. And give them 1-2 years before they go out of business. Ask me how i really feel!!!

    • Ayo Adam – I agree with a lot of what you wrote. I feel that some owners/operators that have well-priced & well-prepared food they feel they have the “right” to be less customer friendly.

      Charging for plastic-ware and bread is pretty low and tacky.

      On the flip side, I honestly never understood getting delivery from actual restaurants. Half the time eating at any place you have to usually send something back or get it adjusted; can you imagine the risk getting meals delivered?

      BTW – if you want to call out sketchy biz practices, Gigino’s restaurant and take out menus, which are 90% the same, are different prices (!) Its actually cheaper to get delivery/take out!