In the News: Students Hurt in Escalator Malfunction

••• Someone was evidently stabbed at Church and Chambers. —NYC Scanner UPDATE: There’s more in the New York Post.

••• “The FDNY said 10 Stuyvesant High School students were injured Thursday afternoon shortly after school ended when the escalator they were riding malfunctioned. Two of the students were taken to hospitals; none of the injuries were life threatening, according to the FDNY. Students interviewed said a down escalator suddenly sped up.” —Tribeca Trib

••• The Broadsheet talks to Theseus Roche, father of Imogen.

••• A tax accountant wrote about facade easements, vis-à-vis Cobblestone Lofts on Laight. It’s Forbes, so brace yourself for editor-free writing.

••• Valerie Steele of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology gives a plug for Aqua—where you ride stationery bikes in water—in the Sunday Routine column in the New York Times. (That’s not her below.)



  1. I understand the Tax Court disallowed the easement because the property was already subject to Landmark Law and therefore the easement was of no value.

    That said, maybe Tribeca Trust should try to promote this tax deduction ($$$) to the owners of those properties that it feels are architecturally significant but not in a landmark district. That would be a good outcome given all the time and effort it put into trying unsuccessfully to get them landmarked.

  2. I think all of us, parents and non-parents alike, would benefit from Thaddeus’ words and insights. What a powerful message- I am so grateful he was so generous in sharing it.

  3. Any reason the woman in the photo above is giving the “white power” hand signal?

    • Presumably joking…but just in case, it’s more likely a yoga or meditation mudra…or maybe she’s just giving the A-OK signal to the photographer, or to god(s).

    • Jim,

      I assume that you are a very young person – nothing wrong with that. That sign has been used for the past 50-plus years to mean something is ok or good. Most of us that are 30 years or older have used that sign and still do on a regular basis to show approval of something. Most older (ie, over 30) see that sign this way. I was not even aware of the white power connotation until I read your response and looked it up. So, please recognize that the vast, vast majority of us in this country (and perhaps the world) are older and use this regularly as a positive sign. I am sure the young woman in the ad is showing approval and did not intend to offend you (or anyone else).

  4. What a complete shame it is that the A-OK sign has been usurped by a bunch of hateful creeps.