Seen & Heard: The 75 Club Says It’ll Reopen Next Week

••• From Manhattan Youth: “Funeral services for Imogen Roche will be held at 10 AM on Saturday, September 15th in St. Paul’s Chapel. Friends of Imogen and of her family are welcome as we remember Imogen and celebrate her life.

••• Two interesting shows have opened at R & Company. The first: “Known Unknown a survey of new work by Rogan Gregory. This is Rogan’s second solo exhibition with the gallery and takes place at the 64 White Street location in the three story atrium and lower level gallery. This iambic title Known Unknown provokes a discussion of the dichotomy between juxtaposing states of reality. For this exhibition, Rogan draws inspiration from biological, geological and extraterrestrial forms he discovers in his travels.” The second: “Fun and Fantasy, Renate Müller’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. Taking place on the upper level of 64 White Street, Renate Müller transforms the gallery space into a fairy tale landscape. On view are Müller’s latest toy designs that are all unique and delicately handcrafted in her studio in Sonnenberg, Germany.”

••• Added to the agenda of the Community Board 1 Waterfronts, Parks, and Resiliency Committee meeting on September 17: Hudson River Park Trust’s Madelyn Wils will discuss Citigroup’s plan for a private ferry docking at Pier 25. Also: DDG has postponed its update on the renovation of Barnett Newman Triangle, the median between Sixth and Church across from 100 Franklin.

••• A Summer Day Café is now serving brunch. Here’s the menu. (A previous version, which I posted when the restaurant just opened, had cappuccinos at $12 a piece—clearly that was a mistake.)

••• The 75 Club‘s website now says it’ll reopen on September 18.

••• I hadn’t been in Two Hands since it stopped serving dinner, so I didn’t know it had launched a line of branded merch.



  1. Is no one concerned about a ferry service put next to children’s playgrounds or the adult volleyball and lawn area? Can you smell the diesel fumes?