In the News: Hurricane Maria Memorial Planned for Battery Park City

••• “A shirtwaist manufacturer in this marble Tribeca building [39-41 Walker] sued Alva Belmont in 1910 for her financial support of striking female workers. He claimed their sex made them fearless of the law.” —Daytonian in Manhattan

•••”Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday marked the first anniversary of Hurricane Maria by proposing a memorial in Battery Park City to honor the victims killed or left homeless when the devastating storm slammed Puerto Rico. […] The state will seek proposals for designs and the exact location in the complex for the memorial.” Hurricane Maria was a tragedy; Battery Park City is an absurd spot for a memorial. Political pandering. —New York Post

••• “It’s hard to imagine many people becoming emotional over a nondescript alley in downtown New York. But the illustrator and graphic novelist Richard McGuire sounded downright wistful as he gazed out the back window of his fifth-floor studio at Cortlandt Alley.” Despite what the New York Times says in its profile of McGuire, there are quite a few of us who have strong feelings for Cortlandt Alley.

••• The company that owns Downtown Express was sold to Schneps Communications.

••• “Community Board 1 is advocating to protect a constituency that is often overlooked in discussions about affordable housing: residents who own their apartments, rather than renting them. A resolution passed at CB1’s July meeting calls upon the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio to create protections for homeowners in Lower Manhattan, as part of his Housing 2.0 plan, which aims to build or preserve some 300,000 units of affordable housing throughout the five boroughs by 2026.” —Broadsheet



  1. No other neighborhoods are controlled by the State – only reason Cuomo would choose BPC for the memorial. Agree it is an absurd location

  2. Seems like the money that it would take to plan and build a monument would be much better spent supporting people in Puerto Rico directly.

  3. Liquid Liquid is the coolest!

  4. Just in time for his 2020 campaign for president, no doubt.