Framer Opening on Church

Custom frame-maker Rooq, which has stores in Noho and Chelsea, is opening in Tribeca at 297 Church, most recently a Subway sandwich shop. The name comes from its founder, Jawed Farooqi. From the website:

Rooq started out as merely a concept in the mind of it’s owner, Jawed Farooqi, brewing into a dream over several years; he wanted to create an open and luxurious space to accommodate his clients general framing needs, while simultaneously showcasing the work of local artists he’d met in the industry over the last 15 years. In 2012, this concept became a reality as he single-handedly built his dream space [in Noho]. Whatever your budget, your home furnishings, your personal taste, your mother-in-law’s taste, or your office decor, ROOQ has a frame to serve your needs. So what separates ROOQ from other stuffy frame shops or expensive art galleries or (oh, the horror!) hectic frame/art galleries? Jawed’s attention to his customers, a critical eye for color and texture, and a ceaseless desire to offer the very best service at the most competitive price!

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  1. Great Addition. Rooq is a fantastic framer. Take all my stuff to their 4th Street location. Now will just take up the street.

  2. I’ve been loyal to long time Tribeca framers L&O on Duane St. I wonder how this new shop will effect their business. Seems like a new trend. Long time shop like Torly Kid is doing well then Ever After comes in and promotes itself like there was never a tween clothing store in the neighborhood. Just Baked coming to blanket the neighborhood when Baked is quite good and long time Duane Park Patisserie not even mentioned. Make new friends, but don’t forget the old I say.