In the News: Another Bank Robbery

••• The Chase bank branch at Greenwich and Murray was reportedly robbed: by “a White man, blonde wig, black baseball cap, glasses, in his 30’s, around 5’10” tall, wearing navy blue jogging pants and a grey sweatshirt that was reportedly armed but no firearm was shown.” This is becoming a bit of an epidemic. —Citizen

••• “New Dance Alliance is looking for new studio renters! New Dance Alliance provides subsidized rehearsal space at 182 Duane Street. NDA’s private loft space holds 40 years of inspiration and is conveniently located in the heart of Tribeca. The space is 23 feet x 30 feet with 10.5 ft. ceilings, linseed oil finished sprung-wood floor, mirrors, curtain covers for mirrors, low-flying trapeze point, natural light, wifi, audio and two big windows. The space is available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The rental rates are $8 per hour.” UPDATE: For experimental dance choreographers only. —Dance Enthusiast

••• Artist Arlene Shechet, who has a “main studio in the Catskills and a place in Tribeca,” is profiled in New York Times in advance of a show at Madison Square Park.

••• “San Francisco takeaway restaurant Proper Food opens in FiDi today at 67 Wall.” —Eater

••• “A film about refugees and migration will be on display from a barge towed through local waters for the next several nights.” —Broadsheet

••• A Korean barbecue restaurant called the Woo—it’s related to Woo Lae Oak—has opened at 206 Spring, where Costata used to be. —Eater


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  1. Does anybody know what happened to Chris, the hot dog vendor who has been on the corner of Broadway and Barclay for years? He hasn’t been there for a couple of weeks. He’s a good man and I hope he’s ok.