Seen & Heard: Spring Street Park Is Finally Open

••• The Sea boutique opening at 324 Canal in a couple of weeks is a breath of fresh air on Canal Street. I find it interesting that it chose to face Canal and not Lispenard; I guess the company is using the back of the shop for offices/showroom/whatever. At least they gussied up the Lispenard side a bit with plants and posters (and love the hand-drawn name on the concrete ramp).

••• S10 Training, meanwhile, moved from Walker to 37 Lispenard, and chose to open onto Lispenard and not Canal.

••• There’s still no sign of any activity at the Regen Projects gallery at 60 Lispenard.

••• Meanwhile, across Canal, the seven-story residential building at 11 Greene keeps growing.

••• Further north, a reader sends word/photo that the north part of Spring Street Park (at Sixth Ave.) finally came down yesterday.

••• The forthcoming Joker film (the Batman villain’s origin story), starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro, is shooting under the name “Romeo” tomorrow on Chambers between Broadway and Centre. How long till we get a movie about Alfred the butler?

••• Two shoots posted at Church and Duane: Cinq Productions today and “God Friended Me” on Tuesday.



  1. Re: the Joker shoot- they probably meant to call it Romero…

  2. Regen Projects walked away from their lease! Signed but never paid deposit or rent. Sounds like a really awful business practices over there…

    A lease was just signed with another New York based art gallery.