In the News: Issey Miyake’s Proposed Signage

••• Issey Miyake wants to slap incongruous signage on the cast-iron column at the corner of Hudson and N. Moore. Community Board 1 opposed it, but the Landmarks Preservation Commission could approve it anyway. —Broadsheet

••• China Blue is among the restaurants to have abandoned a gratuity-included policy. —Wall Street Journal

••• “Bridgeton Holdings secured a $57 million construction loan to complete its conversion of a Tribeca office building [396 Broadway] into the boutique Walker Hotel.” The article says that the hotel will have a “speakeasy bar in the cellar .” —Real Deal

••• After a false start three weeks ago, Brooklyn Chop House opens today in the former Denny’s space. —Eater

••• “This week, the Department of Transportation published ‘Cycling at a Crossroads: The Design Future of New York City Intersections,’ a study that proposes new intersection design guidelines that, the city hopes, will reduce collisions between cars and bikes and save lives. They include measures to increase visibility, clarify right of way, reduce vehicle-turning speed, and improve circulation at intersections.” There doesn’t seem to be much in the article about how the changes could impact pedestrians, which far outnumber cyclists. Personally, I find the “offset intersection” pictured below to be pretty confusing. —Curbed



  1. “how the changes could impact pedestrians”

    Surely the hope is that they won’t impact pedestrians!