In the News: Tribeca Vacation Rental Had a Spycam

••• “A Texas tourist’s ‘private moments’ with his wife were caught on a camera hidden inside an ‘upmarket Airbnb’ he was renting for $1,100 a night, a new lawsuit claims. Houston resident Winson Ho discovered the Amazon Cloud Cam concealed within a cabinet in the master bedroom four nights into his week-long stay at a Tribeca loft he rented through a website called Onefinestay.” —New York Post

••• “A man entered the [James Perse] store and upon leaving, he fell on the ramp outside. When he did, a $1,580 James Perse sweater that he had not paid for came out of his bag.” Whoops! More along those lines in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• A profile of Rebecca Naomi Jones, who grew up in Tribeca and is starring in a highly anticipated revival of Oklahoma. —New York Times

••• “City officials held another public meeting on the proposed jail at 80 Centre Street, and again the shouts of protestors drowned them out.” Of more note that the riotous meeting itself: “the questions that [council member Margaret] Chin asked in her letter, and the answers she received from Dana Kaplan of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “With cameras forbidden in federal trials, the courtroom artist is our visual link to the defendants, lawyers, judges and witnesses who are the characters in some of the biggest legal dramas of our times. Now we can view that art—as art—in a show coming to the main lobby of the Moynihan U.S. Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street.” —Tribeca Trib



  1. Re: Proposed Jail, the city can’t even guarantee the security of this area by re-opening Park Row to traffic. How can the city ensure security within the same vicinity of this proposed jail? They should first figure out how to “secure” Park Row before doing anything else.

  2. The city presentations are self-negating, if their intention is to win over the communities to support or even accept this massively expensive and misguided Rikers closure and relocation plan.

    At the last presentation, where at least some of the city’s speakers could be heard, all they argued was the “benefits” for the inmates of the jails, vague promises of how this would bring more “justice” to those inmates, easier access to those inmates, etc. ; little or nothing about what benefit (if any) this plan has for the (non-inmate) residents of the communities themselves.

    A few token gestures (giving the old monstrous building to community use? What can be done with that horrorshow of a building?) are not cutting it.

  3. Also, time is tight to voice your concerns about the jail plan:

    “the administration agreed to extend the written comment period until Oct. 29. (Comments on the proposal can be sent to”

  4. a generous local donor is funding anti- jail campaign t-shirts that read:

    Protect Downtown
    Jail Margaret Chin

    Chin is the one responsible for bringing the jail to Chinatown. We need to send a strong message to the community that she has turned her back on her people and must be the force to reverse the jail.

    We will have more details soon on where shirts will be available. Stay tuned.

  5. 1. I hope Mr. Ho the visitor from TX wins his lawsuit. I am not big on the overwhelming number of lawsuits I hear are keeping our lawyers and courts so busy but this is just yucky on so many levels.
    2. A big congratulations to Rebecca Naomi Jones on her successes. I thoroughly enjoyed Passing Strange and had no idea she was a neighbor. Good on her!!
    3. Lock Up Ms. Chin? Really? “You people” are deplorable. Another yuck factor!