Seen & Heard: Frisky Topiary

••• Opening October 6 at Barney Savage: “This is real and that’s not, a new exhibition of recent paintings by Jillian Denby. Acclaimed for her very large figurative oil paintings, this exhibit presents her work in a more modestly scaled and conceptual level, investigating the quotidian passage of time.” Below: A detail from “Girl on a Swing.”

••• Opening October 7 at the Flea: New York City Children’s Theater’s “Pillowland”: “Stanley always has trouble falling asleep—even counting sheep doesn’t help! When he receives an invitation to visit the Kingdom of Pillowland, he sets off on an exciting adventure with his friends Finn, Quinn and you! From the company that brought you ‘Please Bring Balloons’ comes a new interactive play for your youngest theatergoers based on the hit song by Laurie Berkner. 30 minutes duration.” For ages 2-5; tickets are $25.

••• Frisky topiary at Everafter! Thanks to Alessandra T Codinha for the photo.

••• Word was that Weill Cornell is opening an eye-care center at 40 Worth (at the Worth/W. Broadway corner). Could this be test signage?

••• Someone I’d guess is named Shuler did a bit of rock gardening in a Lispenard planter.

••• A few items of note from the Seaport neighborhood…. First, Cobble + Co. restaurant in the Seaport District complex got dinged by the Health Department. UPDATE 10/5: Cobble + Co. reopened.

••• And we can add Cynthia Rowley to the list of stores opening there. No word whether it’s permanent or a pop-up, like the Roberto Cavalli shop. UPDATE 10/5: It’s not a pop-up.

••• Emily Thompson Flowers is leaving Front Street (or has already left?). It also sells arrangements out of Roman & Williams Guild.

••• This sign says Pier 17 is open 24 hours, but when I went yesterday. The guard barked at me that it was closed till 11 a.m.—I could walk the perimeter, but that was it. (P.S. What’s the W for?) UPDATE 10/5: “The exterior perimeter of Pier 17 is open to the public 24/7,” says a rep for the Seaport District. “The hours of the interior of the building are from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. The roof hours are currently 11 a.m. 9 p.m. daily.”


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  1. Yes on Weill Cornell eye-care center. My next appointment is there which beats going to 69th and York.