Seen & Heard: Fithouse Gym Is Open

••• I was disappointed to learn that Whole Foods is no longer accepting corks for recycling, because I’ve long been under the impression that cork trees are endangered. (And when I came across all the corks below on Broadway I very nearly scooped them up.) A poke around online indicates otherwise, but of course recycling old corks into new ones could still be better for the environment than farming the trees. Anyway, I’m not sure anyone around here will take the used corks, which moots the question. UPDATE: “Tribeca Wine Merchants will accept corks for recycling!” says DKH21. “They have a bin in the front of the store.”

••• The Fithouse class-only gym at 93 Worth is open. It’s not clear whether a NKOTB post will happen; they’re oddly slippery.

••• When I saw the windows and door at Bouley Botanical papered over, and work being done inside, I was worried that this might be Bouley’s Last Stand. But the official word is that they’re just installing new equipment and “getting ready for back to school catered events.” Also, Brushstroke is auctioning off equipment on Monday.

••• The Chipotle liquor-license items on this month’s Community Board agenda are about changing the hours (serving till 11 p.m. instead of whatever it is now).

••• At what point do we consider the water features at the 30 Park Place plaza anything other than a total fail? There was no wind at all the day I shot this (and the other one was doing the same thing).

••• October 9 at Pen Parentis: “Readings, signings, and discussion about life-work balance moderated by M. M. De Voe and special guest-host Amy Shearn (of Lit at Lark and Brooklyn Public Library’s ‘Bookish’ interviews).” The theme is Deception, with authors Steve O’Connor, Ronna Wineberg, and Sari Gail Wilson. RSVP here.

••• Here’s a first glimpse of the facade at 130 William, the David Adjaye–designed building that fronts Fulton and William. I’ll include a rendering for comparison’s sake…. The texture in the rendering isn’t visible in real life, at least from the street, and you really notice that the facade is composed of premade panels.



  1. Tribeca wine merchants will accept corks for recycling! They have a bin in the front of the store.

  2. Thanks for the Pen Parentis mention, we are very excited about our guest-host! About the Adjaye, is it me, or did they install those prefab panels upside-down? ‘Cause in the rendering….well….