Seen & Heard: Mudhoney Salon Moved to Tribeca

••• “Has anyone mentioned this ‘encampment’ on the plaza outside of Bank America & Whole Foods on Greenwich,” asks B. “I’ve watched it grow from one person with a cart to two people taking over the entire bench plus several more feet in front of them.” First I’ve heard of it, but at least they look friendly.

••• Longtime downtown rock-and-roll hair salon Mudhoney has moved to Tribeca, of all places—specifically, to the Laight Street storefront at 165 Hudson. I was hoping to do a New Kid on the Block post about it, but I couldn’t get any traction. Instead, read this entertaining Q&A with owner Michael Matula (“There’s nothing worse than a conservative hair salon, it’s like a prison”).

••• Oculus CrossFit on William Street is the first business I’ve seen to adopt “Oculus” in its name (in honor or the relatively new downtown landmark).

••• Not far away is Hole in the Wall, an Australian café cut from the same cloth as Two Hands. If I lived in FiDi, I’d be all over it. The breakfast sandwich I ordered was fantastic, and because 15 Cliff was built way off the street, there’s a ton of outside seating, both at tables and benches. Also, you might get to hear “serviette” said with an Australian accent. (Come evening, it’s a bar/restaurant called Sugar Momma, which I know nothing about.)

••• I was concerned about the paint job at the Soho Garden Hotel, but it turned out rather nice.

••• I find it increasingly hard to keep track of mall storefronts, but I think this one upstairs at Brookfield Place—between Vilebrequin and the former Financier—used to have American Express promotional signage on the windows (and no store inside). But now it’s retail…?

••• While on a big walk the other day, I came across Saluggi’s East for the first time. It’s on Grand, between Clinton and Essex, not far from Doughnut Plant.



  1. The “encampment” has been there for weeks and is definitely growing in size. It is two or three women who seem to keep to themselves and are there 24/7. Does anyone know their story?

  2. Those ladies in the photo have been hanging out downtown for at least a year. I’ve seen them in Teardrop Park and Brookfield Place organizing and reorganizing their vast collection of plastic bags and scrap paper. They also tend to do a lot of writing and they engage in intense discussion with one another. I figure they’re on a top secret mission.