In the News: Inside a 56 Leonard Pied-à-Terre

••• New York Cottages & Gardens featured “a young family’s pied-à-terre at 56 Leonard in Tribeca. [… Designer Kerry] Delrose’s clients, who reside full-time in Naples, Florida, purchased the 2,650-square-foot three-bedroom as a crash pad and a place to entertain friends while visiting New York. […] ‘They hired me over the phone and then said that they wanted to move in by Thanksgiving—which gave me only 45 days.'”

••• More on the proposal to name a block of W. Broadway after Jimmy McNaughton, a transit cop who was killed in Iraq. —Tribeca Trib

••• “Free for the Taking: Bogardus Plaza Plants.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Operating costs for the city’s ferries increased by 50% last fiscal year as the system expanded to reach farther flung locations and officials filled gaps in service with chartered vessels. […] For both fiscal years blended together, the per rider cost was $8.96. Passengers themselves pay $2.75.” —Crain’s

••• A Wall Street Journal article about how it’s “deal time for buyers looking to purchase an apartment in one of New York’s new condominium buildings” includes this: “At 100 Barclay, a large condominium development on the upper floors of a 32-story art deco skyscraper built for New York Telephone Co. in lower Manhattan in 1927, many listings have sold slightly below asking prices. But that discount grew steeper during the past year or so.”

••• “The second Trinity Church at Broadway and Wall St., completed in 1790, stood only 50 years.” —Daytonian in Manhattan

••• “A vintage van […] offers Airbnb users low-cost accommodations in Soho — as long as they don’t need a bathroom or mind sleeping parked on the street. The $69-a-night ride sits on posh Sullivan Street and comes with a fold-out sofa bed, carpeted floor, nightstand and day pass to a nearby gym for showering.” —New York Post


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  1. imagine the concierge knocking on the door,”excuse me, it’s time to move your room for alternate side of the street parking.”