In the News: McNally Jackson’s Soho Store Is Closing

••• The New York Times reviews Manhatta and wishes it was more ambitious. I get it—that would certainly be more interesting to write about—but I sort of love that the restaurant is aiming to be a fantastic neighborhood restaurant that happens to be way up in a skyscraper.

••• A WWD article (behind a paywall) about Brookfield Place says that “a string of health and wellness brands [is] moving in soon,” and that b8TA is opening a year-long kiosk. (Wikipedia: “b8ta is retail-as-a-service company with a chain of retail stores which serve as presentation centers for consumer electronics and other innovative products. The company operates 12 standalone locations, 70 store-within-a-store locations inside of Lowe’s and a location inside of Macy’s Herald Square.”) Perhaps more of note: “Sources tell WWD that business for retailers has been disappointing at Brookfield Place, though the food establishments, notably the Le District food hall, have done well. […] More stores could close if retailers exercise kick-out rights, which one source close to Brookfield Place said could be activate after five years from lease signings, which would mean the end of 2019. ‘Retailers signed 10-year leases and generally have a five-year kick-out clause,’ said the source.”

••• The original Prince Street location of McNally Jackson bookstore is closing, but the owner says it’ll reopen somewhere nearby (along with the one that already exists in Williamsburg and the one to come in the Seaport District complex). —Bowery Boogie and Curbed

••• The Morgenstern’s ice cream shop at La Guardia Place and Houston opens Friday. Below: blueberry chocolate. —New York Times