Seen & Heard: Philly Pretzel Factory Opens Next Week

••• There’s a petition to keep P.S. 150 in the neighborhood. It’s time for the electeds to insist that Vornado Realty Trust and Stellar Management come clean about their plans for the entire Independence Plaza complex.

••• I recently complained that the city’s Department of Design and Construction is less than forthcoming about its plans to rip up future streets, the way it has Hudson, Chambers, Worth, and Warren. Then this showed up as a late addition to the agenda for the Community Board 1 Quality of Life Committee on October 18: “Presentation on the upcoming Liberty Street Reconstruction project.” So now we know that Liberty is next. That might seem like it doesn’t affect you, but for the past couple of years, Liberty has born the brunt of street fairs in the area, so the question now is, where will they go?

••• K. noticed yesterday that the Jeff Koons balloon sculpture in front of 7 World Trade Center appeared to be getting moved. I’m out of town so I can’t follow up, and the Silverstein folks are mum. Anyone know anything or care to walk over and see what’s up?

••• Press release from Philly Pretzel Factory: “Gotham Food partners Andrew Reis, Jason Glickman and Gregg Bernard, the entrepreneurs behind the brand’s long-awaited New York expansion, are opening their second Philly Pretzel Factory at 86 Chambers St. next Wednesday, October 17, which will offer New Yorkers another opportunity to stop by the store, grab a free pretzel and taste what they’ve been missing.”

••• Opening Thursday at Steven Amedee: Timothy Wilson’s “Fear of Death Disturbs Me.”



  1. Saw this morning the Koons is gone :(

  2. Why would they remove the Koons? It’s been there for over 10 years! I’m wondering if they are doing some sort of piping work for the fountain below where the sculpture was? They have it fenced off. I hope they intend on putting it back or replacing it. I loved ot=[

  3. The PS150 parents could really use community support. Good public schools are critical to Tribeca both for the children and for the continued attractiveness of the neighborhood. Thanks Erik for highlighting

  4. It looks like the Pretzel Factory has closed after 4 weeks; a new Chambers Street record, unrivaled even by the closing of Pret A Manger @ 125 Chambers. Too bad, the pretzels were great.