In the News: Sterling Mason Loft Peeping

••• Architectural Digest featured a pretty three-bedroom apartment at the Sterling Mason. Can someone in the design world explain the use of the word program here? “‘It was more about creating program,’ says Leandro of the built-in additions in the living room that formed a successful space for entertaining and lounging. ‘A bar area, more storage, TV, book, and object display—how to bridge all that new program in one consistent gesture and not little moments that would break up the great room that is the living and dining room.'”

••• Thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter, including this at the Fabio Doti Hair Salon at 108 Greenwich: “A thief entered through the front door with a key that had been left under the doormat, and stole $500 and miscellaneous items.”

••• Guest of a Guest gushes over Fithouse.

••• There’s a fall festival for families this Sunday at Pier 25. —A Child Grows in Brooklyn

••• Jeremy Casilli of AOA Bar and Grill is opening a Jersey City restaurant called Hudson & Co Bar and Grill. —Jersey Digs

••• “Plastic surgeon Sydney R. Coleman sold [44 Hudson] for $14 million. The property [has] three apartments and four commercial units. The buyer is GS Realty Capital.” —The Real Deal