In the News: Harvey Weinstein’s Casting Couch

••• A higher-end convenience store called the Goods Mart has opened on Lafayette, between Grand and Broome. “A selection of prepared foods are also available, from the likes of Alidoro, which has created a sandwich just for the shop; Spoon & Sprout’s curry-plantain lentil puffs; and Loosie’s Kitchen and Café’s quinoa salad. And, [founder Rachel] Krupa is doing one solid by the L.A. expats: She’s importing burritos from Burritos La Palma, considered one of L.A.’s very best. (They were a favorite of the late Jonathan Gold, and even catered his funeral.)” —Grub Street

••• “Harvey Weinstein was in such a rush to flee his Tribeca office amid sex assault charges that he left behind his infamous casting couch [….] Exclusive photos show the well-worn, three-seat sofa still sitting behind a coffee table just steps from Weinstein’s old desk. The middle seat cushion on the cream-colored, leather-like settee appears have been turned over—possibly to hide stains from the movie mogul’s alleged in-office sexual conquests.” Lovely. “Weinstein and his brother, Bob, bought the entire third floor of 375 Greenwich St. for $1.1 million in 1989. It was quietly listed for $10 million three months ago [and] the price was recently slashed to $7.9 million, a source said.” —New York Post

••• The New York Times profiles Greenwich West, as the L-shaped building under construction at 110 Charlton is being called. (It also fronts Greenwich.) Architect Françoise Raynaud “sought to make Greenwich West feel like a part of its neighborhood. Its classic New York setback form will be faced in brick and have a regular grid of oversize windows. The bricks will be light gray, extra-long, and assembled in geometric patterns that the architect calls ‘a kind of scarification.’ Darker, metallic-looking glazed bricks will frame the window openings. The building has rounded, or squircle, corners for a softer effect and, perhaps, a whiff of Art Deco.” How have I lived my whole life without knowing the word squircle?