Seen & Heard: Food Court at the World Trade Center Mall

••• A first for the neighborhood.

••• The Rooq frame store at 297 Church appears to have opened.

••• Condolences to the folks at Korin.

••• I received an email from 311 saying my complaint about the incorrect “sidewalk closed” sign at Greenwich and Watts had been resolved, and sure enough, the sign was taken down.

••• New signage is up for Market Lane at the World Trade Center mall. It says that the 10,000-square-foot business will open this fall, and that it’ll be more of a food court than anything else. With the exception of Little Hunter (I think*), the brands all appear to be made up for this establishment—kind of like when you go to an airport where Cibo Express has made fake brands for its terribly mediocre restaurants. (*When the WTC mall opened, a burger restaurant called Little Hunter was supposed to open up near the Condé Nast entrance. It seems to be getting incorporated into Market Lane.)



  1. Sounds like it has taken longer than expected for Market Lane NYC to come together: