In the News: Bomb Suspect Arrested

••• “When Margaret Ray ran from this Tribeca tenement [16 N. Moore, where Walker’s is] screaming for help because he husband was trying to murder her, she was deemed insane.” —Daytonian in Manhattan

••• The New York Times‘s coverage of yesterday’s pipe bomb at 375 Greenwich says that Robert De Niro “lives and works in Lower Manhattan.” But he hasn’t lived down here for years, having decamped for the Upper West Side.

••• “Federal authorities have arrested a man in connection to the suspected explosive packages, according to multiple law enforcement sources. The arrest happened in South Florida.”—CNN UPDATE: More on the suspect.

••• CVS is opening a 13,000-square-foot store in the former Janovic space at the northwest corner of Sixth Ave. and Spring. —Real Estate Weekly



  1. The New York Times has their facts wrong. De Niro ran and moved right after 911.

  2. Actually NATIVE you are wrong. DeNiro moved out of TriBeCa well before 9/11. It really is none of your business either way. Chill man – there are other things to worry about.

    • actually TG this is for comments. I can write anything I want to and that is none of your business.

      • Fun Fact – NATIVE Americans were run out of Lower Manhattan waaaay before 9/11. DeNiro left the neighborhood (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a View of Central Park), but still has businesses & buildings in the ‘hood. But why let facts stand in the way of bullshit rants?