Seen & Heard: Bike Path Bollards

••• The New York State Department of Transportation has added bollards to the West Side bike path. They’re an improvement over the concrete jersey barriers.

••• Local dog-walking company POOCHi is sponsoring BARKtoberfest this Tuesday, October 30, at Rockefeller Park from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. “The first 75 pups will receive a VIP present from POOCHi, Barkbox. and Bocces Bakery. There will also be a costume contest for the dogs with amazing prizes from the Four Seasons New York Downtown, Worth Street Veterinary Center, Nobu, The Farmers Dog, and Chinon Maria. We will also get to enjoy fantastic food and drinks from acclaimed Michelin Bib Gourmand, Khe-Yo, and Sprinkles Cupcakes and Pupcakes for dessert. In addition, Animal Haven will be bringing dogs available for rescue.”

••• I tried the new Philly Pretzel Factory at 78 Chambers yesterday. That’s two pretzels pictured below, at $2.25 each (after tax). Planning on eating them at home with my lunch, and noticing the squirt bottles of mustard by the counter, I asked if I could have a container to take some mustard to go. But it turns out that the company charges for mustard, unless you’re prepared to squeeze it onto your pretzel right then and there. P.S. The pretzels were tasty.

••• A peek inside Tribeca Apothecary, the skincare pharmacy opening in the former Aesop space on W. Broadway.

••• Having grown weary of the big trucks carrying panels for 25 Park Row parking on Broadway—in bus stops and “no standing” zones (including one reserved for the City Hall Greenmarket)—I asked the city’s Department of Transportation whether construction trucks get variances for this kind of thing; after all, it’s not like there are many easy places for them to park and wait. I didn’t hear back, and I’m not going to push it because I prefer to reserve that behavior for matters of greater importance. So I guess I’m just airing a complaint that, if no variances are in fact granted, a private endeavor like the construction of a new condo gets to override public benefits such as a bus stop and a Greenmarket. (And with the building facade only a third done, it won’t be ending anytime soon.)



  1. The pretzels look great! Can’t wait to try….

      • who the hell charges for mustard. its totally absurd and will get so many complaints. so stupid…when in fact you can take it from in the store. Why dont they charge 10 cents more for the pretzel so they dont look like cheap B#@$@#$…So messed up companies do this when in fact the retail business in tribeca is depressing.
        I changed the rules of Sofias…..Owners had no idea they were charging for the spicy green sauce years ago when you take out food. I said WTF…i can just go up to the table and take it….Does that make sense? NO it doesnt and the owners had no clue…fired management to my knowledge-not because of me and for the last couple years you can get as many sauces as you want complimentary!!!

        • I ordered the Rivets box which comes with two sides included in the price. The Rivets shaker offers one side. Perhaps the mustard rule applies only to the full size pretzels. I agree that charging separately for mustard (or any side) is not a good idea. If I wanted an extra side then a fee would be appropriate.

  2. Those bollards do look nice. Hopefully the city will do similar “beautification” of such sadly necessary barriers.

    I assume they are solid with concrete or steel, to provide a real protective barrier?

    I like the geometric ones on Wall Street as well. Very sculptural.

  3. The bollards do look good, esp compared to the temporary concrete barriers.

    Glad they did it.

    But…if you live within earshot of West St, they are doing the work in the middle of the night (2am-4am). Jackhammering, vibrations, trucks beeping etc.
    I needed ear plugs, a white noise machine AND the A/C (on a chilly night) to only partly muffle the noise. Get ready for a sleepless night when they come to your street..

  4. Shot in the dark here but does anyone remember the pretzel shop across from P.S 234 like 25 years ago where the TD Bank is today? It was called either Twists or Pretzel Time according to my dad but I can’t find any information on it