Seen & Heard: A Peek Inside Au Cheval

••• Anyone know what’s opening in the former Subway sandwich shop at 137 Hudson? The light fixtures have been changed, but that’s all I could see (because I didn’t want to risk peeking over the paper while that due was standing there). They didn’t look high-end, and I do wonder how something that needs a lot of foot traffic can survive there.

••• Au Cheval restaurant appears to be taking shape up quickly. The first photo is the entrance on Cortlandt Alley, and then I used my natural height and agility to take the second photo over the paper in the window. It was all a bit precarious, which is why the angle is weird.

••• This is likely part of the On Canal “activation”—either way, I like it. And kind of surprised someone hasn’t started selling ads on these screens, the way they do in deli windows and the like.

••• More of the Broadway facade of 91 Leonard has been revealed. It’s not two-tone; that’s just shadow.

••• The Port Authority sent out a press release about the Smorgasburg event in November: Its’ a “three-day food festival and community block party on the Oculus Plaza. On November 8, a community block party will be held to kick off the three-day event and run from noon to 7 p.m.  The Thursday event will include music, a beer garden and multiple family-friendly children’s activities. On Friday and Saturday, November 9 and 10, Smorgasburg will operate a curated version of its world-class food market with about 20 vendors at the World Trade Center campus from noon to 7 p.m. each day. The following Smorgasburg vendors have confirmed their participation:  Bona Bona Ice Cream; Burger Supreme; Ca’pisci; Chef Katsu; Chickpea & Olive; The Choripan; D’Abruzzo; Dan & John’s Wings; Dough; Home Frite; Jianbing; Mutz; Rai Rai Ken; Ramen Burger; Red Hook Lobster Pound; Ring Ding Bar; Sons of Thunder; Wood Fired Edibles and Yakitori Tatsu.” Love that Ring Ding Bar is participating—that’s the spinoff of Duane Park Patisserie.

••• K. sent a photo of the Whitmans menu posted in the window of 261 Hudson; I imagine it’s like the ones at the brand’s other sit-down locations. Anyway, K. and I had this amusing exchange:

K.: Really curious to find out what “crack kale” is.
Me: I can tell you, but maybe it’s best discovered on your own….
K.: Not into burger joints, so please tell!
Me: Fried kale leaves sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning.
K.: Oh. Thanks. How do you know?
Me: I Googled it.


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  1. Ads on construction protection equipment is generally illegal.

    “BC 3307.1.1 Other than as specified in 3301.9 and 3301.10, no sign, information, pictures, advertisement or business messages shall be posted on a sidewalk shed, bridge or construction fence. No illuminated signs are permitted on any protective structure”

    That said, there is a pilot project to bring art to these vertical nets: