In the News: P.S. 150 Space to Be Reallocated for Residential Use

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of handsome 88 White.

••• A Tribeca Trib article on efforts to extends P.S. 150’s lease at Independence Plaza includes this: “Earlier in October, three school parents […] met with representatives of Vornado Realty Trust and Stellar Management, the owners of Independence Plaza. They made their case for staying put until 2022, when the school’s new building at 42 Trinity Place is expected to be completed. There was no change of heart, the parents said. […] Explaining their position on a lease extension, the owners […] also noted ‘the need for additional residential units and amenities’ at Independence Plaza.”

••• “A trio of elected officials representing Lower Manhattan have seized on a procedural argument for slowing down the push by the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio to build a large new jail in Lower Manhattan.” —Broadsheet

••• The CEO of Ballyhoo Media, the company responsible for the annoying ad barge in the Hudson, wrote a letter to the Broadsheet that includes this threat: “While we began our first few weeks with static visuals, the goal is to be even bigger and bolder.”

••• Mayor Bill de Blasio’s memorial ceremony for the victims of the bike path terrorism attack was poorly planned by other people. —New York Times

••• “An LLC with connections to a trio of NBA brothers, the Plumlee family, has purchased a $5 million condo in a discrete Tribeca building.” Real Estate Weekly is too discreet to name the address, other than it’s on Walker.

••• Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, co-creative directors of Oscar de la Renta, live (separately) in Tribeca. Photo by Tim Walker. —New York Times



  1. Any thoughts on how to respond to this barge ad invasion?

    NYC should be working to reduce oversize outdoor advertising, not increase it. It’s an aesthetic eyesore and potentially dangerous distraction.

  2. Looked up the LLC mentioned (Ego Triping) on Streeteasy and it’s 81 Walker #6:

    And here’s the listing w/photos and a floorplan (#6 and PH are the same):

    Good looking place and a good price to my eye.