Seen & Heard: Greenwich Village Supermarket Also Gone

••• Best Market isn’t the only supermarket around here to bite the dust. I hadn’t realized the Gristedes at Mercer and W. 3rd was doomed, to be redeveloped into three storefronts. As you might expect, people were upset when it closed at the end of August (but at least they have the Morton Williams supermarket nearby).

••• From Torly Kid: “5,441 pieces of candy later and the trick-or-treating at Torly Kid is done—but what are you going to do with all the leftover candy? Each year we encourage tots and tweens to trade in their extra Halloween candy in exchange for better dentist visits, and philanthropy. Bring us your unopened Halloween candy now until November 21 and we will treat you to 15% off your next purchase and a good deed! Donate your unopened candy in-store now through November 21. Candy will be sent to the troops.”

••• The fruit vendors on Mulberry, just south of Canal, have the amazing miniature tangerines (seedless), along with persimmons (fuyu and hachiya, each for less than $1 each), and cherimoya. I prefer the vendor on the east side of the street.

••• Opening today at Alexander and Bonin: “Recent works by Stefan Kürten [….] Central to the exhibition is Perfect World (2016-17), one of Kürten’s largest and most detailed paintings. Painted over a two-year period, Perfect World is an all-encompassing work that initially recalls the repeated patterns of wallpaper designs such as those of William Morris.  Closer inspection reveals numerous potent symbols of church and state, war and peace, surveillance and negligence, mysticism and capitalism camouflaged among enormous flowering tendrils. The leaves of the tendrils transform into words such as good, evil, money, selection, world bank, coca cola, hunger, and infinity.” Below: “We are all made of stars.”

••• The souvenir shop at the southeast corner of Church and Canal has closed.

••• 45 Park Place keeps rising.



  1. Hoping Brooklyn Fare Market on Greenwich and Barrow Streets stays open for many years to come …

  2. How can we get Gristede’s to open in the Best Market space??

  3. Oh come on, Gristedes has got to be the most horrendous supermarket chain in NYC. Food is regularly old and spoiled. Store was dirty, and they NEVER paid rent on time, often months in arrears. No wonder landlord didn’t renew them.