Seen & Heard: P.S. 234’s Annual Clothing Sale

••• “I almost got arrested for taking this picture of the dome at 60 Centre Street, so you better run it,” emailed D. “The guard cut me off only a third of the way through the panorama.”

••• P.S. 234’s annual Friends & Fashion sale is this coming week, November 5-9, at 370 Greenwich. (That’s one of the Independence Plaza storefronts—look at Vornado Realty Trust doing something nice for the community!) From a past year’s description: “New and gently used women’s clothing and accessories on sale for a great cause!”

••• For you Australians: Hole in the Wall café in FiDi is serving a Tim Tam shake, or at least it was last week.

••• From J.: “A Spanish friend, Montse Zamorano—who is getting a bit of a reputation for her architectural photos—has a project she did when she lived in New York looking at 100 construction sites in NYC (including a bunch in Tribeca). She plans to come back and photo the same places in five years.” Check it out. Below: 56 Leonard, which I still think looked best before it got glassed.

••• Beer Seeker recently asked whether the Torch & Crown brewpub is still opening in 1 Soho Square, as the office building at the northwest corner of Sixth Ave. and Spring is being called. “Can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be,” I replied. “(But if you know something, spill it.) Don’t make much out of it not opening in October as hoped; nothing opens on time. There’s a half-finished website that says the taproom is “currently under construction—check back soon for updates.” I walked by the other day, and while I couldn’t get any bead on where it stands (there’s no signage yet), there is a rendering from the broker posted that shows how the restaurant will be situated on Vandam. The area to the left is a little half-alley.


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  1. That dome is stunning! So much stellar architecture and workmanship to be discovered and re-discovered.