In the News: Loft Peeping at 443 Greenwich

••• “After a chance discover of a dining table, perfumer Kilian Hennessy and his wife were hooked on monumental works of design for their Tribeca loft.” That’s the subhed for a Departures article (not online) on the apartment, and isn’t it odd that they didn’t include the wife’s name, Elizabeth?

••• Tribeca Trib profiles Liam, “Nocturnal Painter of Tribeca’s Timeless Alleys.”

••• Why Cynthia Nixon is nominally running against Deborah Glick—but also campaigning for her. Also: Manhattan Youth’s Bob Townley on why you should vote against the proposal to term-limit community board members. (My take: Vote no on all three proposals.) —Broadsheet

••• “Old Xi’an Delicacy has swung open in the Financial District with a menu offering hand-ripped noodles, lamb burgers, and dumplings in a fast-casual setting.” Swung open? Eater has gone cuckoo with the verbs lately.

••• “Today” anchor Savannah Guthrie lives in Tribeca, based on the photo accompanying the New York Times article about her travel preferences. (Or at least she did; the photo, shot on Reade, is from 2017.) Cheers to this: “I don’t like bringing the kids to a hotel where other adult guests might be annoyed.”

••• The developer of the old Tribeca Cinemas building at 13 Laight got a construction loan. It’ll be offices, with retail. —Real Deal

••• “The culinary talents of Jonah Reider, the creator of Pith, a communal pop-up supper club, and the artsy playfulness of KidSuper (Colm Dillane), a fashion designer and multi-media artist, have come together to create a specialty popcorn stand pop-up inside the KidSuper creative space” at 310 Canal, with “seasonally flavored popcorn in varieties like green mango and urfa chili, late season strawberry, coconut sugar, parmesan and peppercorn, and green tea and lime leaf and bay laurel.” It’s unclear how long the pop-up will be there. (Photo courtesy Pop Pop.) —Untapped Cities