Seen & Heard: Two Hands to Serve Dinner Again

••• I’ve said this a couple of times, but just to be sure it’s being heard, please vote no on the proposal to term-limit community boards. It’s a mayoral power grab that will be harmful in the long run. And I’d personally suggest voting no on the other two proposals, which are unnecessary.

••• Suspecting that the first photo below—from the most recent post of unidentified Jane Freeman shots from the 1980s—was Staple Street, I went over to check. I think I matched it, on the east side of the street between Harrison and Jay. Note the notch in the stone at sidewalk level.

••• The good news: Two Hands will start up dinner service again at its Tribeca outpost. The less-good news: Not till December 4, and it’s only on weekdays.

••• The owner of the garage at 121 Watts is now posting photos, like so many severed heads, of the license plates of cars he/she has had towed for parking in the curb cut.

••• Barre-fitness company Physique 57 has opened on Sixth Ave., north of Spring.

••• Trucks carrying facade panels for 130 William, the David Adjaye–designed tower in FiDi, on Broadway. I think the back side might be more interesting than the front. A whole building like that would be very “Games of Thrones.”



  1. The owner of 121 Watts is a real class Act! The owner uses the “cut out” to park his own car there since the garage featured in the photo is used as a wood/art shop. So essentially he has created his own private parking spot on a public street.

  2. The older Staple Street photo looks better than those two building today.
    The owners refuse to do anything about the graffiti and it just attracts more taggers/pot smokers & people going to the bathroom. I’ve tried contacting the 1st Precinct (and their clean up graffiti team) and got nothing.

  3. Why vote no on ballot measure #1 that reduces the amount of campaign contributions? I agree with you on the two others.