In the News: Inside an Interior Designer’s Tribeca Loft

••• “In New York City, voters also approved three ballot questions that a commission created by Mayor Bill de Blasio said would enhance democracy: reducing maximum campaign contributions and increases public matching funds; creating a commission to civic and electoral participation; and placing an eight-year term limit on community board members.” But in good news, Democrats took control of the State Senate. Can we have early voting now? —New York Times

••• “United States Congressman Jerry Nadler spoke to a crowd of several hundred Battery Park City residents […] three weeks ago [….] During that talk, he offered a preview of what might happen, “if the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in the upcoming election, which would mean that I would become chairman of the Judiciary Committee.” Because the Democratic Party now appears to have won control of the lower house of Congress, Mr. Nadler will likely soon move from serving as the ranking member […] on that panel, and into its top position. The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over federal courts, administrative agencies and Federal law enforcement agencies. It may also be worth noting that the Committee is additionally responsible for the impeachment of federal officials.” –Broadsheet

••• Muggings and thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• Interior designer Jae Joo’s loft was featured on Elle Decor‘s website. “She has over 20 vintage rugs in her new Tribeca home—in just one room.” Also: “The dining room has become another workspace for Joo and husband, who gather maximum friends and materials amongst a minimal amount of furniture for functionality. The Chinese Ming chairs, however, are somewhat ‘decorative.’ ‘You can’t sit there for more than an hour,’ Joo said.”

••• Lobster GoGo finally opened on Front Street in the Seaport. —Eater



  1. I for one was happy to see the community board term limits. Fresh ideas are a good thing for community engagement. I applied once for a community board and it was obvious from the beginning that the odds are stacked against anyone new getting an active role. It’s about time for some new (and maybe even younger) participants to have a chance to shape our neighborhoods. The idea that developers will now be able to shape opinion of new members seemed like grasping at straws and complete manufactured to stoke fear. GREAT JOB NYC VOTERS!

  2. Jae Joo’s loft is looks just lovely and comfortable.

    With the exception of Bob T. who really should have his seat reserved on the Community Board, I too, am glad there are term limits…