In the News: Golf Simulators

••• “Five Iron Golf will soon be opening its second Manhattan location right here on Stone Street. (I believe it will be where Smorgas was.) They will have nine simulators, a full bar and kitchen […] and much more.” —FiDi Fan Page

••• “An exterminator fumigating a Lower Manhattan municipal building [a.k.a. the Municipal Building] sickened at least 13 people Thursday morning.” —Patch

••• “The Battery Park City Authority unveiled a new space for locals to gather and host community events Thursday. The center, at 200 Rector Place between South End Avenue and the Hudson River Greenway, is a 400-square foot space equipped with a kitchen, lounge area and restrooms. […] Priority is given to residents and local groups to use the space, but anyone is welcome to reserve it.” —Patch

••• “The city’s Health Department announced Friday that all 5,500 food carts and trucks authorized to operate in the Big Apple will be getting the same A,’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ sanitary grades given out to restaurants.” That’s bad news for street-food vendors but it never made sense to hold restaurants to a different standard. (The photo below is old, and it was doctored, but that’s apparently acceptable these days.)  —New York Post


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  1. That’s good news about the vendor food grading.

    (Not that I ever buy from them anyway. Now if they had good pretzels, I might change my mind!)