Seen & Heard: Dinner at La Mercerie

••• A gift idea for the Tribecans in your life, available at Flowers by Yasmine inside Le District. (There’s a Battery Park pillow, too.)

••• I finally tried La Mercerie for dinner, and it was terrific. Perhaps even better than the food and that sublime room was the people-watching. To my left: An Upper East Side grande dame with a young date. To my right: two men in haute loungewear who looked like they belonged in “Wild, Wild Country.” Straight ahead: A trio of women speaking Arabic, sprawled on the banquette and staring at their phones.

••• Eater recently said that Manhatta had started weekend lunch service (so I mentioned it), but I missed whenever the place began serving weekday lunch. The menu is below, and bear in mind that the prices include tip.

••• Anyone know if something is moving into the storefront at 60 White? There are dress forms in the window and the rear of the space. (Then again, there are also dress forms in the window of 62 White, so maybe the owner is just trying to make them look enticing to prospective tenants.)

••• A glimpse inside the Tribeca home/studio of artist Cecilia Vicuña, who has an installation up at the Brooklyn Museum:

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back in the Broadway/Chambers area on Tuesday.