In the News: Leonard Street Crime Scene

••• “Any idea what’s going on with the crime scene on Leonard?” asked a reader today. “Between Church and Broadway. Most of the northern side of the street covered with crime scene tape.” I haven’t been able to find out anything. Anyone know? UPDATE: A reader says that the tape was outside 69-75 Leonard, with two police officers posted outside. (And “I did see two officers knocking at 69 Leonard a week or few days prior.”) Still no word on why….

••• “The operators of the Hudson Club, the events venue on West Thames Street that was raided by the NYPD and shut down in July, after allegations of serving liquor without a license, have been issued a court order barring removal of property from the premises, and also banning further sales of alcohol. […] Operators of the erstwhile events space are now working to transform the facility into a co-working venue.” —Broadsheet

••• Chef Gerardo Gonzalez of Lalito left the restaurant to move to the Cayman Islands; his sous chef of a few months, Kia Damon, is in charge. (Lalito, called Lalo when it opened, is in the former Winnie’s space across from Columbus Park.) —Grub Street

••• Is something up with Downtown Express? It hasn’t updated its website or tweeted since November 1, or Facebook since October 25.

••• Gherardo Guarducci of the Sant Ambroeus Hospitality Group told the New York Times two he spends his Sundays; the article says the big Brookfield Place outpost will open sometime in 2019. Below: Photos from September by J.


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  1. “Schneps Communications, a family-run business owned by Victoria and Joshua Schneps, has acquired Community News Group and NYC Community Media (publisher of Downtown Express)” from here (19/09/2018):