The Birth of Battery Park City (Part 3)

Back in June, I ran a bunch of photos from the Battery Park City Authority, which has been commemorating the fiftieth birthday of Battery Park City (Governor Nelson Rockefeller signed the Battery Park City Authority Act in June of 1968) by posting historical shots on Instagram. The BPCA had a lot more great photos, so Part 2 ran last week. This post is about the southern part of the neighborhood, from North Cove Marina to Pier A.


Construction of the esplanade. (I’m not positive where the first shot is in the neighborhood.)


South Cove.


Wagner Park and Pier A.




  1. fascinating, thx!

  2. Fascinating stuff — especially for those of us who were not around to see it happen. Particularly interesting to see how they staged it.

  3. Wow, Ive lived, worked and played in BPC since 2001 and it’s really great to see these pictures… thanks!

  4. These, and the previous batches, are wonderful to see. Do you have dates for the ones above? When was the landscaping (including the Mary Miss sculptural pier structure) built?