Seen & Heard: Canvas Sample Sale

••• You know what this city needs? Ads projected over construction sites. Thanks, Tiffany & Co. (Photo by S.)

••• The new condominium at 24 Leonard has been almost entirely unveiled.

••• There’s a Canvas/Ochre (but mostly Canvas, it seems to me) sample sale going on at 60 Grand.

••• The storefronts on the west side of Church between Chambers and Reade were ripe for signage reform, but maybe these are a bit too sedate…?

••• Tribeca Apothecary, the skin-care pharmacy opening in the former Aesop space on W. Broadway, looks close to debuting.

••• Even though putting bollards at the corner of W Broadway and Duane didn’t work—buses ran over them regularly—the Department of Transportation is trying the same thing at W. Broadway and Warren. If the Worth Street reconstruction would get finished, neither corner would be an issue.

••• The TV show “FBI” shoots in the Chambers/Broadway area tomorrow. UPDATE: There are also signs at Church/White.



  1. When did Dona Bella become Little Italy Pizza?

  2. Large Unwanted Signs

    Thanks for pointing out the latest nuisance from signs that negatively impact our wellbeing. I’ve been negotiating with the Moxy Hotel about their giant 24-hour streaming video that makes our beautiful neighborhood look like Times Square.

    I recently read a piece in the NY Times about a City law that may help deter these wanted eyesores. Signs larger than 6 sq. ft must be licensed. Complaints about unlicensed signs can be called into 311. The Department of Buildings is required to investigate and may issue violations that carry a minimum fine of $6,000.

    • The NYT article concerned regulation of accessory signs, or signs related to the business on the premises. These projected signs are “advertising signs” and are regulated differently. That said, these projected images are signs (i.e., images “in any other manner represented on a #building”) as defined by the Zoning Resolution that Dept of Buildings is supposed to enforce.

      ZR 12-10 states:

      Sign (4/8/98)

      A “sign” is any writing (including letter, word or numeral), pictorial representation (including illustration or decoration), emblem (including device, symbol or trademark), flag, (including banner or pennant) or any other figure of similar character, that:

      (a) is a structure or any part thereof, or is attached to, painted on, or in any other manner represented on a #building or other structure#;
      (b) is used to announce, direct attention to or advertise; and
      (c) is visible from outside a #building#. […]

      Sign, advertising (4/8/98)
      An “advertising sign” is a #sign# that directs attention to a business, profession, commodity, service or entertainment conducted, sold, or offered elsewhere than upon the same #zoning lot# and is not #accessory# to a #use# located on the #zoning lot#.