Seen & Heard: Soho Finger Fight

••• Instant classic. (My husband says this might be faked but I don’t care. Also, despite lots of chatter on Twitter, this was in Soho.)

••• Schoolhouse (née Schoolhouse Electric) now has a store in Pittsburgh, to go with the ones on Vestry Street and in Portland, Ore.

••• Know someone who’s bummed about the imminent closing of TC? Cheer him or her up with a Tribeca Citizen T-shirt! There are two designs: big logo on back and small logo on front.

••• Dance that mess around for a good cause. Maybe we can get Laurie Anderson and Fred Schneider to do a duet.

••• At the Schnippers in Times Square, you can upgrade to the Impossible Burger (it has no meat and is quite good). Here’s hoping it comes to the Tribeca location.

••• Design co-op Colony has a new “curated goods collection” called At Home, and the first product in the line is a candle ($85): “A scent that has transformed our second floor Canal Street design gallery into a sensory oasis, the Three–Two–Four Candle embodies Colony’s pursuit of substantive beauty. Deep notes of leather and fresh tobacco lifted by the warmth of earthen spices have long welcomed us into the airy space we call home. Memorialized by a minimal white pillar, the scent sits atop a tonal terrazzo base available in three shades.”



  1. Am I the only one a little weirded out by a scented candle creating “deep notes of…fresh tobacco”?!

  2. The finger fight, btw, is a keeper. Legendary.