A New Lease on Life for P.S. 150

Good news, via the Broadsheet: P.S. 150, the elementary school at Independence Plaza, will be able to stay there “until the planned opening of its permanent home at a new public school on Trinity Place, in the Financial District, when that facility opens in the early 2020s.” The owners of Independence Plaza, Vornado Realty Trust and Stellar Management, had planned on turning the space into a gym for residents. How this will affect their plans for the entire complex—a major redo is said to be in the works—remains unclear.



  1. nice, a gym, they have one across on Harrison and Greenwich right on the corner first floor. Vornado and Stella are the worst. At least the school gets a couple of more years.

  2. Well, Yay for small victories!!!!

  3. Bravo to Vornado for stepping up here and acting responsibly on behalf of very worthy community concerns!

  4. Kudos to Vornado and Stellar for doing the right thing; serving the needs of children and community!
    Here’s an exemplary example of good will and community service we don’t see often enough from real estate developers.