Close-Up: Staple Street

Do you ever slow down and look at the patterns, details, textures, and scars that give Tribeca its character? Take Staple Street, for example….

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  1. TC has been a forum for your polymathic (?spelling) genius, Erik. I’ll miss the array of your gifts as charismatic entrepreneur, comic/sardonic raconteur, generously intellectual community-builder, sui generis writer, artist, journalist, critical thinker, guide, neighbor and friend. The great philosophers note that philosophy and politics are eternally at odds (n.b. Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” or Lao Tzu’s Tao te Ching); but I’d vote for you as President (not of Tribeca but of the U.S.!) However, I understand your wanting to jettison the mortal coil of NYC. I certainly will miss you. I hope you keep in touch with us, somehow! Thank you so much, Erik, for all and everything.

  2. Thanks for the Staple St.tribute: two short blocks loved by photographers of all stripes, film makers, tourists, artists, graffiti artists, smokers and of course local dogs. Tribeca icon!