Rumble Is Opening Here

Rumble, which offers boxing-inspired group fitness classes, is opening a studio at 140 West, as the retail component of 100 Barclay is known. Judging from the mock-up above, it’s on the street level of the building’s northwest corner, although that’s unconfirmed. No word on when the company’s fourth outpost—the others are on the Upper East Side and in the Flatiron and Noho—will open.

“Rumble is founded by four entrepreneurs who saw an opening in the group fitness world to shake up stale norms. From their unique backgrounds—hospitality, service, and fitness education—and their shared urban-chic-meets-street POV, comes Rumble—the next generation of group fitness. One that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still delivers an incredible and effective workout.”

About the workout, the website has this to say:

10 rounds of heat fueled by beats that make you want to beat up our Aqua training bags like fight night. The best hip hop and mashups bumping through our premium nightclub quality sound system (we should know, we have the best in hospitality/nightlife making sure the sound system is 100), and a lighting system that hits you in all the right places. You know it’s on when the red lights hit-ya!

Rumble incorporates the best principles of the sweet science of boxing and strength training, all to help you develop that lean, strong, and confident fighter’s physique. Rumble is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength training, metabolic conditioning (METCON), and uppercut throwing cardio in one clean class. Every ounce of stimulus your body and mind needs to let your inner Ali out [….] Always leaving you walking out of every class with your confidence level all the way turned up!

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  1. Credit is due for reminding us of the critical need, whenever we enter an environment, to consider whether the light is hitting us in ALL the right places.