Seen & Heard: Kori Is Closed for Renovations

••• Kori has closed for renovations. Something dire must’ve happened, because normally a restaurant would wait for January, which is a much slower month. Or it’s closed for good. UPDATE: Nadine says there was a “seized” sign before the “closed for renovations” one, while Mruptight notes that the restaurant’s Yelp page says it’ll reopen on January 11.

••• “Pretty sure the decorative deconstructed holiday arches at the 30 Park Place plaza are installed incorrectly,” says J. “If two of the arches were rotated 180 degrees, the two half snowflakes would create a whole snowflake when viewed from a distance.”

••• Press release: “Sight Unseen is putting together another fundraising initiative this winter in collaboration with Passerbuys: a Design For Progress Garage Sale. It’s just like a regular garage sale, but with personal items donated from our friends in the design, art, and fashion worlds that we can sell during a weekend-long event at the Canal Street Market December 15-16. Donators include Peet Rivko, Jo Rosenthal, Verena Michelitsch, D.S. & Durga, Coming Soon, Cameron PR, The Future Perfect and more!”

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back in the usual area (Reade/Church) today.

••• Still no sign of the Jeff Koons sculpture outside 7 World Trade Center. It was removed for refurbishment in late October.

••• From our irrepressible local cake artist, Paulette Martin.



  1. That’s too bad about Kori it was my favorite in the neighborhood almost never crowded delicious healthy Korean food. Plus a great place for lunch or dinner with visitors to New York. I hope it reopens but looks like it’s closed. I’ve been eating there since it opened a good 15-20 years ago Is it that long?

  2. The “Seized” signs were replaced with the renovation sign. So disappointed. It was a regular stop for my family. I truly hope it can open again.

  3. Kori’s Yelp page says to reopen January 11th. I can’t believe there were a seized sign, since those are really hard to remove. There is a application from November to replace the sprinklers on the upper floors.

  4. Hopefully the Koons is coming back …we did notice it had been defaced with scratchings before they took it away
    It needs some kind of base that puts it out of reach.

  5. Yes, there were at least three “seized” signs on the windows. I also read an article (though I can’t remember where right now!), comparing it to the fate of Dylan Prime.

  6. Thanks for posting my work! Very appreciated