In the News: Tribecan Versus Ill-Placed Christmas Decorations

••• I saw the news story about the petition to change the Christmas decorations at the Holland Tunnel entrance, but I didn’t mention it because it’s about the New Jersey side. Turns out that the man who created the petition is a Tribecan, Cory Windelspecht. He’s not wrong—the placement is awkward, for sure—but the better question is why the Port Authority is putting up Christmas decorations at all. —New York Post

••• “As many as 10,000 people per day will be pushed onto Battery Park City streets by a plan to use ferries to replace PATH train service to the World Trade Center, which will be on weekend hiatus for the next two years, during repairs to a pair of tunnels beneath the Hudson River that connect Lower Manhattan to Jersey City. These boats may also pose a quality of life hazard for residents who live near the ferry terminal, located on the Esplanade, near the western end of Vesey Street.” —Broadsheet

••• “After a public competition for submissions, the Department of Sanitation has unveiled the 3 finalists for its BetterBin trash can update, and announced that 12 prototypes of each design will be tested in the summer of 2019.” —Gothamist



  1. EXACTLY: the better question is why the Port Authority is putting up Christmas decorations at all.

  2. Why does it matter if Christmas decorations are up? There’s nothing wrong with getting festive. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday. The everything is bothersome and offensive movement is asinine.

  3. The Port Authority is making an attempt at celebration. True that the wreath and tree are clearly Christian symbols perhaps next year they will go further with Kwanza, Hanukkah and the Chinese New Year, etc. our options are enormous in our city.
    I think it is kind of sweet. A government expression of public art? Like Franklin – Respect but clearly pissing more people off!
    TriBeCa Baptized Christian (from a long time ago!)

  4. Garbage can # 2 is out because it isn’t RAT resistant. #3 is probably the best. I hope they are consulted the rat expert who was interviewed a few years ago in the BPC paper…he knew his stuff.

  5. Christmas is a national holiday. Everybody is happy to get the day off for the holiday. Lighten up and enjoy the pretty wreaths, lights, and trees.

  6. I didnt do it because I was offended by Christmas decorations. It just looked awful and bugged me. Besides not just an entrance to the city it’s an entrance to our neighborhood!