The Northeast Tribeca Art Invasion Continues

One of the storefronts at 45 White has been rented by art advisor Lisa Schiff, reports ArtNews. “We are not going to be a gallery,” wrote Schiff on Instagram. “We will remain an art advisory but collaborate, host talks and screenings and maybe some art bingo. We don’t have a liquor license but will have libations. Come hang out!”

From ArtNews: “The vibe she’s aiming for, she said, is more reminiscent of a members club than a traditional art space. She pictures an unconventional, semi-public room decorated with a selection of works from her personal collection and her firm’s inventory, a large library, a communal table, rugs, and plenty of comfy couches and armchairs. ‘It’s not going to be modern with white walls,’ Schiff promised, adding, ‘there will be no desks, I hate desks.'”

It’s just the latest art-related tenant to move into northeast Tribeca (or at least sign a lease): Canada gallery on Lispenard; Bortolami, Alexander and Bonin, James Cohan Gallery, and 55 Walker project space on Walker; R & Company’s massive annex and the Bronx Museum of the Arts on White; Postmasters, Twenty First Gallery, and Eightyfranklin on Franklin; Andrew Kreps Gallery and Hionas Gallery on Broadway; Kerry Schuss Gallery on Leonard. And there are also galleries above street level on various streets: Barney Savage, Lubov, one on White I can’t remember….