Saks Fifth Avenue Is Closing Its Women’s Store at Brookfield Place

“The swanky department-store chain recently posted its strongest comparable-sales growth in five years, but the 86,000-square-foot women’s shop at Brookfield Place wasn’t a big enough draw compared to the Fifth Avenue flagship, company officials said Monday,” reports the New York Post. The store, which opened two years ago, will close on January 5; apparently, it was always a “test concept.” The men’s store will stay open.



  1. Not surprised. The few times I’ve gone there to actually buy something, it took me over 10 minutes to actually find a person that was willing to help me.

    • Saks should be ashamed of itself. This store was doomed from the start. The design and layout was terrible. There was nothing entertaining or stimulating in the store. Most times, there was not even music playing. No cappuccino bar. No champagne bar. No food whatsoever. And the merchandise was displayed like an “Off Fifth” location. No visual merchandising whatsoever. At least the men’s store is colorful and appealing. The women’s store had no art, no color, no video screens….nothing! It was a “bare bones” attempt at a “department” store. They deserved to die!!!

  2. Bad concept; the spare design made it look like a cut-rate department store rather than a luxury brand. Vertical lines in the windows resembled bars. And location was far away from BP’s main retail area. Only real surprise here is how poorly this was executed.

    • Agree. I have shopped–and continue to shop–at the Fifth Avenue location for years, but I never set foot into the BPC spot. Not appealing.

  3. Saks and most of the mall atmosphere in Brookfield/Westfield is creepily suburban in its concept and “experience”. But that is what the our “city” has come to. Not sorry to see Saks go.

  4. Ok but it was a great sneaky place to go cry / play hooky from work…

    Equinox should expand into it

  5. I shopped there a year ago and was helped by a great guy. Spent a lot of $$. But, the selection was so limited. Bad idea, bad execution.

  6. Old Tribeca is a haze. Today, The feel can be found Upstate in foothills of the Adirondacks Park. The Cities of Amsterdam,
    Johnstown and Gloversville have the old Tribeca feel and look.

  7. Anyone have any idea what’s going to move into that space?

  8. The only ones upset by this will be the shop-lifters (there were many). Not surprised. Boring, nothing new to see, no help.

  9. Saks at Brookfield Place was definitely doomed from the start. First, the concept and inventory were as cold as the people who worked there. They did not care about this community nor our needs. The failed to ask this area what our needs were, there was zero outreach program to the locals, prior to or after opening. Shopping at Saks uptown is a luxury, pamperd experience, there is something for everyone from classic designs to cutting edge. Sak’s downtown was full of emerging designers, this would have been OK if they would have mixed these with brands that most of us buy and wear. I went in several times to purchase makeup and clothing, only be ignored not one person approached me to ask if I needed help or what may I help you find. The makeup employees were more interested in their co-workers that costumers. Last, it was never promoted as a test store, to see how women shop, admit it you failed, because you did not care what our needs were.