Seen & Heard: Progress at New Japanese Restaurant

••• The entrance to the Japanese restaurant opening at 20 Warren has come out from behind the plywood. That’s it on the left. It’s rather minimal, with a little light inset to the right of the door. UPDATE: I swapped in a better photo.

••• While in Philadelphia last weekend, I went to the original La Colombe café, just off Rittenhouse Square. I was surprised to find that a cappuccino is 75¢ cheaper than in Tribeca. Then again, the quality wasn’t the same and there was no latte art, just a layer of foam.

••• Do NYC buses look like this now?

••• Be careful when you walk near 57 Reade…. There’s a vacate order on the balconies because “a tempered glass panel from an 11th story balcony inexplicably shattered” back in November.

••• There has been activity inside 67 Reade, where the Sun Café Japanese restaurant used to be.

••• “Billions” was shooting at 145 Hudson again yesterday. I find it interesting that the crew’s trucks are parked on many neighboring blocks, but not in front of the building itself.



  1. Walked by 42 Lafayette St this morning, looks like some dental practice is opening there. Sorry didn’t take a pic.

  2. Re the buses: Yes. It’s thanks to Gov Cuomo. They’ve been around for about 2 years, but only recently starting being seen in the nabe. I haven’t been on one, but they apparently have USB charging ports near the ceiling (which means I’d never be able to reach it, if I ever did ride a bus).

    • The buses are lovely and some still have new bus smell. There is an LED screen dropped from the ceiling showing next stop and other information. The charging ports are in the back of the seats, so accessible. Also, wifi is available.