Oly Is Moving

There’s a “for lease” sign in the window of Oly, the home design store at 408 Greenwich (at Hubert) that opened sometime before 2009. A rep for Oly, founded by Bay Area designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger, says the store will be moving, but the location is a secret for now, and a sign will appear in the window soon. Typically, home-design stores tend to gravitate toward the East 50s, to make life easier for interior designers.

UPDATE: I heard more from Oly.

OLY essentially has 2 East Coast flagships:  One in High Point, N.C.. a known furniture destination and one in the great city of N.Y. Currently, we are considering various options and determining where its NY presence could be located.  OLY loves the Tribeca neighborhood. We put our hearts there before the big boom occurred. That said, OLY  cannot pretend Tribeca is a destination for retail or to-the trade luxury furniture. The store was an amazing flagship presence but the traffic didn’t warrant extending the lease. Tribeca has seen high-end furniture stores in Tribeca like Baker come and go. We feel that OLY made an amazing and beautiful statement for 10 plus years and it is the right time to make this statement at a more agglomerative destination.  In the meantime, staff is available locally at the store until at least the end of January with a longer option to be determined.

Also starting Jan 2019, OLY will host an amazing moving sale for floor samples. Designers, interested fashionistas and home enthusiasts should register emails to get early dibs on some amazing product at unbelievable value. After this time, OLY will be available directly online at olystudio.com to retail consumers and at various high-end design boutiques. N.Y. design professionals can specify directly using atelier@olystudio.com 9am to 5 pm EST or through the wholesale care center at (844) 354-2925 7 am to 5pm PST. The High Point showroom will be available by appointment and upon request. For an appointment, email info@olystudio.com.


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  1. The second floor has been for sale as a residential conversion for a few weeks now so this isn’t unexpected