Seen & Heard: Setback for Love Bug Café & Play

••• INColour paint store on Lafayette is leaning in to the sidewalk shed problem.

••• When I saw a surge in searches on this site for “Love Bug” and “62 Laight,” I thought maybe the cat was out of the bag about Love Bug Café & Play‘s plan to open in the western half of the former Dylan Prime space. But Love Bug founders Laura Maness and Steven Brisson say that it isn’t to be: “We were so far down the path on the space—including having attorneys involved in lease negotiations, doing walk-through after walk-through with potential investors/executive chef candidates, etc.—that we quite comfortably began sharing the fabulous news of our flagship location being the old Dylan Prime space at 429 Greenwich. (The 62 Laight address was given to John Allan’s Salon to distinguish it from ‘our’ corner space facing Greenwich.) Our inability to secure the space was due to the building owners’ fractured partnership, and through no fault of our own. Though disheartening to have to move in another direction, we’d like to assure the Tribeca community that we did absolutely everything humanly possible to secure 429 Greenwich and we’re still extremely excited with where we’re at as a business.” They’re back in the hunt for a great space. Here’s hoping they find one soon.

••• The sidewalk on the Church Street side of 3 World Trade Center is almost entirely open, and the last remaining part looks like it’ll be ready any moment.

••• N. is soliciting catering advice: “I’m planning a bridal shower, and am interested in what experiences people have had with the various catering options around the neighborhood.”

••• Not much progress visible at the Torch & Crown brewpub coming to the Vandam side of 1 Soho Square, the building at the northwest corner of Sixth Ave. and Spring.



  1. To N. seeking advice on neighborhood catering options, check out Edenopolis ( Richard and his team did a lovely job on a rooftop party at our building a few months ago. Super nice to deal with and everything was delicious. I highly recommend them.

  2. Hi N – please have a look at my catering website :
    I live and work in the area (the name gives it away :)

    Let me know if you’d like to chat further. We’d love to help.