Seen & Heard: Terri Is Closing Today

••• Terri announced that its FiDi and Midtown restaurants will close for good today; the Chelsea one will remain open. “Apologies for the photo quality,” says K. “Someone was standing in the way and would not move so I had to zoom.” Next time, try sneezing on them. It works!

••• From K.: “There is a pedestrian crossing signal completely covered by scaffolding at 24 Leonard Street. (It’s the southbound crossing of Leonard on the west side.) That intersection is already a little dicey without the obstruction, and now it’s even worse. Already reported to 311 but figured if you report it also more people might make complaints and get it fixed faster.” Worth a try!

••• Maybe Century 21’s garish digital sign has been there for a while, and I’m always busy looking at the World Trade Center, or maybe it’s new. (Also, have you seen the digital billboards inside subway stations? As if we don’t enough time looking at screens….)

••• Speaking of signs: Issey Miyake evidently got Landmarks Preservation Commission approval for a corner sign. It seems unlikely to make a difference.

••• Something is coming to the vacant storefront at 150-152 Chambers. The windows are no longer papered with “for rent” signs, and there’s a Department of Buildings permit to move an interior partition.



  1. FYI, Tent & Trails building collapsed in the middle of the night.

  2. That’s a shame about Terri. We are regulars there…but at the Chelsea location (which seems busy every time I am there). I wonder what went wrong with the other locations.

  3. I too am perplexed about Terri closing. The FiDi location was usually busy so I don’t know why they are closing.

  4. I asked Terri why they chose to keep only the Chelsea location and they said it was the most profitable of the three. She said Fidi just wasn’t as busy so they chose to streamline the stores. I was really sad to see them go. I’ve eaten at Terri weekly since I moved to Fidi in 2014 and now that I live on the next block, two times a week was normal. That block already has an empty storefront that had a broken window for weeks, and now with Terri gone just looks awful. I’ll miss them for sure.