In the News: Pedestrian Bodyguards in Hudson Square

••• “A violent labor dispute in 1906 resulted in 177-179 Duane being bombed twice, teamsters being beaten and one killed.” —Daytonian in Manhattan

••• Recent thefts and assaults. —Trbeca Trib

••• Someone created a Bruce Springsteen tribute at the Spring Street subway station. —Bowery Boogie

••• “While school crossing guards have long shepherded children across the street, the city’s traffic has become so perilous that now even grown-ups need crossing guards. Officially known as pedestrian safety managers, they are vigilant escorts across some of the city’s busiest intersections,” at Varick near the Holland Tunnel. “They are not the traffic police; they cannot hand out tickets and their focus is not on keeping cars moving. Instead, they are bodyguards for pedestrians.” —New York Times



  1. “the city’s traffic has become so perilous”

    Maybe the effort should instead be expended on enforcing the actual traffic laws, so the streets would not be so “perilous”.

    And perhaps stronger laws against distracted driving? Almost every driver I see is paying more attention to their spyware-device than to the road.

    • True! After moving from LA, I was shocked by how no one was following the law here! Pedestrians also have their share, no one is following the lights…