In the News: Fatal Four-Car Crash

••• “A woman died in a fiery four-car crash on West Street, near Hubert, Saturday morning. Police arrested the 37-year-old male driver of a black Audi who they say was speeding and swerving before striking the woman’s Honda CRV. The car overturned and caught fire, ending in a mangled heap near Laight Street.” The above photo is by Robert Ripps; a nearby driver’s dashboard-camera footage is below. —Tribeca Trib

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••• 88 Wall is getting converted to a hotel. —Patch

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  1. Awful news about the crash, and such a horrible death.

    Our streets are not a race course, a place for anger catharsis, or a game of “beat the red light”. I see this all the time on our street, often with buses and trucks racing at high speed to run a light just turned red. This is a tragic recipe for more such senseless deaths.

    Supposedly “Vision Zero” is working, in reducing traffic-related deaths…Yet the epidemic of distracted and reckless driving seems as bad as ever. I don’t know if we can ever really reach a “zero” point of traffic deaths, as there are always the complexities of human (and AI) judgment error, but here’s hoping we can get as close to “zero” as possible.

    • Very well said…
      My family & I, including our dog cross over the highway to use our public parks (Hudson’s River Pk.) daily. We are at risk everyday! The danger of reckless drivers, not to mention road rage (I had 2 idiots in a row give me the finger last week – Merry Christmas to you!).

      The mayors plan ‘Vision Zero’ I don’t believe is working as our city streets are getting more fatal. What does it take to take back our street? The answer is NOT more deaths of innocent neighbors who want to enjoy our streets. WAKE UP BILL!

  2. The driver who caused this Sherman Harrison is an entertainer and music producer known as “Chaz Harrison” and is the brother of singer MYA.

  3. I don’t care who this piece of shit is, he killed my friend. She died a horrible death because this sad ass excuse if a human being felt the need to speed n weave in early morning when traffic is tally not that bad. I want him to die like she did but he won’t. I hope he lives with the demons of this poor woman burning inside a car that he was the cause of… ROT IN HELL U PIECE OF SHIT…RIP AMY

  4. Why is it in this city and even country, we pass laws and then refuse to enforce them. This is not only true on the roads and in traffic but also with the Department of Buildings, the Dept of Transportation (turnstile jumping), Dept of the Environment, NYCHA, I could go on. We don’t even fund the IRS to collect taxes due. If we want to try to control the traffic, speed cameras and large fines are the best way as has been proved in other cities in others countries. Oh sorry, we can’t take examples from other countries that might just do things better, can we??

  5. I came across the accident while walking my dog and I can’t stop thinking about that poor woman — and the schmuck (worse) who was more concerned about escaping with his dog than about another human being. When is he being arraigned? I’d like to make sure that his family doesn’t bail him out and that he suffers while sitting in Rikers. I will never forget the smoldering wreckage and the knowledge that there was a person who had been crushed inside — all so he could make his trip a little shorter. And how about the other people he hurt? I hope they are able to make a full recovery.

    Sorry for the rant; I cross that road almost every day and I see the insane way that some people drive. And for what?

  6. This haunts me.

    More than 37,000 die in motor vehicle crashes in the USA alone every year. That’s a 1-in-10,000 chance on any given year…but no consolation if you or a loved are that 1. Do we accept this as normal?

    Then there are the injuries caused by motor vehicles, which can of course be very serious: around 3 million per year.

    What more can be done to prevent more such deaths and injuries? Stricter licensing standards? Permanent revocation of licenses for reckless drivers? Should we all be insistently writing the powers that be?

    A license to drive is a privilege, that can be lost through abusing it. There are too many on the road who should not be behind the wheel. I see so many near-misses every day from reckless and distracted drivers. I myself have been in a car crash where a driver ran a red light at high-speed. I was fortunate to survive with minor injuries (and lifelong chronic pain, luckily again not too severe), unlike this woman on West Street whose life ended so suddenly and horribly.

    Sorry to ramble on such a dark note on New Year’s Eve…but maybe we need to think of such matters going into a new year, both to mourn, and to think forward how to change things for the better.

    May she rest in peace.

  7. The woman who perished in this horrific and abominable car crash is my husband’s cousin, Amy. I cannot even begin to state how devastated we are and how angry we are that this evil man ran off as if trying to get away with what he did. He was supposed to be arraigned today, but if he gets away with this we (as a family) will haunt him and curse him for the rest of his life. There is no excuse for speeding, weaving, or driving recklessly and leaving the scene is CRIMINAL. Don’t care if your sister is famous or what money and connections you have- YOU KILLED SOMEONE! If you don’t answer for it here on earth then I promise you will after your last breath. You will undoubtedly burn in hell.

    • I would fully support your family if they wanted to take the law into their own hands if this scumbag gets off Renee. We all know how utterly pathetic the criminal justice system is in NYC, especially when it comes to vehicular crime. The NYPD, the DA’s, the judges, even down to the DMV judges who refuse to confiscate the licenses of these idiots – completely incompetent. All they care about is doing the minimum amount of work for their paychecks and then retiring to Florida. If Amy was a relative of mine you would not be able to hold me back, I’d be looking for ways to destroy this man’s life forever.